publication date: Jun 15, 2020
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Hawaii sees biggest virus jump in 2 months with 18 cases Associated Press
Jon Huntsman's wife tests positive for COVID-19 The Hill
Thirteen-day-old baby dies after contracting the coronavirus
New Zealand Herald
Alberta adds 49 new cases of COVID-19, one death
Honduran President Hospitalized With Pneumonia Due to COVID-19
Saskatchewan reports more COVID-19 cases, guidelines for schools
Vancouver Sun
BREAKING: Nigeria records 745 new cases of COVID-19, total now 18,480
The Nation, Nigeria
Beijing’s new COVID-19 cases continue to climb, but health authorities say everything is well in hand
Florida reports record on-day spike in coronavirus cases
The Independent
ICU beds in short supply across Florida as state struggles with coronavirus spike
Trump claims coronavirus might have been spread intentionally by China Daily Mail
Australian State Threatens Harsher Penalties for Statue Vandalism After Captain Cook Effigy Defaced Sputnik
The Rise of Far-Right Extremism in the United States
Center for Strategic and International Studies
COVID-19 case tally surges in five Arab states
Yeni Şafak
Congo-Brazzaville: On the Frontlines of Congo's COVID-19 Battle
Rwanda: Rwanda's Coronavirus Cases Cross 500 Mark
Stalin takes on AIADMK govt, says explain surge in Covid-19 cases in Tamil Nadu
Hindustan Times
Indonesia reports 1,017 new coronavirus infections, 64 deaths
Saudi Press Agency
Somalia: COVID-19 Cases Reach 2,500
Turkey’s governors warn against complacency as COVID-19 cases increase again
Uttar Pradesh reports over 400 Covid-19 deaths, state tally at 14,901
Hindustan Times
Uttarakhand reports 17 new COVID-19 cases, tally at 1,836
Brazil exceeds 43,000 deaths and 850,000 Covid-19 cases
Prensa Latina
Libya’s Coronavirus cases increase by 65 to 458 – and 5 new deaths announced
Libya Herald
Iran's coronavirus deaths near 9,000
Anadolu Agency
Moldova faces the 2nd wave of COVID-19 infection, but, despite this, it will not limit the economic activity in the…
InfoMarket Daily
Kazakhstan tightens restrictions in biggest city on fears of coronavirus second wave
Afghanistan has over 25,000 infected to coronavirus
Afghanistan Times
Kuwait announces 551 new COVID-19 cases
Emirates News Agency
Gauteng has 11,164 Covid-19 cases, with 81 deaths
Times LIVE
Chennai city to reimpose lockdown as COVID-19 surges
Channel NewsAsia
People think that a 2011 Captain America film predicted the pandemic
The Independent
69 new coronavirus cases, Ministry: Vigilance is lowered, most affected in businesses and…
Top Channel
Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro Passes Another Inflammatory Comment, Says Death Was 'Everyone's Destiny'
Latin Times
Russian cities cancel victory parades EN MASSE as fear of Covid-19 still looms, Kremlin says it understands
Sooronbai Jeenbekov: Bishkek is turning into center of coronavirus infection
Pakistan identifies 20 hotspots for COVID-19
Anadolu Agency
Sudan airport to remain closed until June 28
Radio Tamazuj
COVID-19 Invades Uhuru’s State House
Beijing reinstates control measures as coronavirus cases rise
The Hill

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