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Another dirty federal judge. Avern Cohn of eastern district of Michigan blocks testimony concerning Carlyle Group and the Bush family in Detroit corruption trials. John Conyers's wife is due to be sentenced by Cohn, while Cohn gagged accused bribe offerer Sam Riddle after he said in pre-trial remarks: "Why don’t you go after the Carlyle-Synagro group? Deal with people on the board, like the Bush family.” As WMR reported, Cohn is being used by Rahm Emanuel to pressure Conyers's through the long prison sentence threat hanging over the Judiciary Chairman's wife.


Who is this man and why is he chewing his fingernails?

Art Nadel, Ponzi scammer, bought Huffman Aviation of 9/11 hijacker training infamy.

The sordid trail left by a corrupt Bush-appointed judge.

Genetically-modified foods spark health concerns

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