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Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed. Everything else is public relations. - George Orwell



Senate confirms Trump's Labor secretary nominee Alex Acosta. Acosta was the guy who signed off on the sweetheart federal non-prosecution agreement with Trump's fellow child sex abuser Jeffrey Epstein.
Feds raid offices of televangelist Benny Hinn. Trump figures there's room for only one huckster in the U.S. Watch out Pat Robertson, you may be next.
California's semi-secession. State resists Trump policies across the board.
Alaska, where Blockbuster Video still thrives. Going back in time . . . by visiting Alaska.
Trump trade war with Canada expands from dairy to lumber. Another wall in the making?
Trudeau and Italian PM unite against Trump protectionism. Justin Trudeau and
Paolo Gentiloni are globalist birds of a feather.
Trump and Macri meet in Washington. Two crooked real estate moguls have dodgy joint ventures.
Vatican declassifying documents on Uruguay dictatorship. Vatican was a partner in Operation Condor assassination alliance.
In Washington, Dilma Rousseff warns of a "Brazilian Trump." Sao Paulo mayor João Doria fits that description.
EUROPE  [European Union flag]
False flag op exposed in Germany. German soldier masquerading as Syrian refugee planned terrorist attack.
Facebook's anti-"Fake News" effort tries to distance Macron from the Rothschilds. Facebook trying to alter Macron's history as a Rothschild investment banker. If Mark Zuckerberg is so proud of his religion, why does he try to hide the existence of the Rothschilds?
Le Pen sees boost in support from left. The left sees Macron as a bankers' tool, which he is.
EU defends Soros university in Budapest against Hungarian government. The EU: a contrivance owned and operated by Soros and his Rothschild overseers.
The Sovereigntist Movement isn't going anywhere. Globalists like Macron and Van Der Bellen will only steel the resolve of the anti-globalist forces.
Le Pen tops global banker Macron (who married his high school teacher, 24 years his senior) with well over 25 percent of the vote in many French regions, including northeast France. Macron shtuping his high school teacher and winning the presidency would be like the kid Mary Kay Letourneau was screwing winning the White House. Macron and the "ick" factor -- the corporate news won't report that.

MIDDLE EAST    [flag of the League of Arab States]

Turks bomb U.S. Kurdish allies in Syria and Iraq. So, Trump, where are the Tomahawks targeting Ankara?

NATO's outsourced eastern flank. NATO's eastern associate membership is dominated by the truly radical Islamist states of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Bahrain.

ASIA     [Flag of ASEAN]          [Flag of SAARC]
Trump applies pressure on <drum roll> South Korea. Wants Seoul to scrap trade treaty and pay for U.S. missile defense against North.
Mongolia asks Russia for air defense assistance. Northeast Asia beefing up military readiness in face of Korea tensions.
China renames parts of Arunachal Pradesh with Chinese names. Arunachal Pradesh chief minister protests.
Uganda's Punishment Island: It's where pregnant girls are sent to die. Nice to know AFRICOM is there to protect places like Punishment Island.
U.S. blocks Namibian arms deal with China. The long reach of AFRICOM.
SOUTH PACIFIC/ANTIPODES    [Pacific Community flag]
Pence boosts troops' "morale" in American Samoa. Yes, it's tough duty ensuring fealty from a U.S. colonial Pacific island group and Dan Quayle's "happy campers.".
POLAR/REMOTE ATLANTIC      Antarctica flag   [Flag of Arctic Council]      
St. Pierre and Miquelon votes for Melenchon. Leftist presidential candidate sees groundswell of support in small French territory. Le Pen finishes second.
Hotbed of support for Scottish independence in Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha. Which begs the question. Are these colonies of England or would they be overseas territories of an independent Scotland? If the inhabitants identify as Scottish, they are Scottish territories.
WORLD OF SCIENCE  Oskar Pernefeldt Earth flag  Moon flag   Mars flag
Earth-mass ice world discovered. But the temperature is -400 F.
Formation "stumps" Mars observers. Is it a tree stump or a rock?
  • SLAY THE BEAST (THE DAILY BEAST, THAT IS). The Daily Beast and its "reporters" and editors are sheer crap.
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