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Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed. Everything else is public relations. - George Orwell



UVA librarian and local musician suffers stroke after being hit in neck with Nazi torch. Tyler Magill was trying to protect UVA students from marauding Nazis. What's all this phony crap about antifa causing injuries? FAKE NEWS. SAD! Btw, "FAKE NEWS" is the new "SIEG HEIL."

Tyler Magill, another victim of Nazi violence spurred on by Herr Trump.

Jared Kushner's company wants Maryland to arrest delinquent renters. Not content with bringing back Jim Crow, these Trump syndicate mobsters want the re-introduction of debtors' prisons.

Nazi leader Richard Spencer holds news conference in the Alexandria HQ that WMR focused on in a special investigative report. Spencer forced into Alexandria after the Willard and Sofitel canceled his planned gathering. Where does Spencer get the funds to book the Willard, one of the priciest hotels in DC?

Trump and Sessions want 1.3 million IP addresses from anti-Trump website. And so our descent into Nazism begins.

Alex Jones calls Charlottesville a "false flag." Meanwhile, he urges his followers to buy more Dr. Quack pecker powders and snake oil tonics.

Clashes between neo-Confederates and anti-fascists spread from Charlottesville to San Antonio. We are now all living in the world of "The Man in the High Castle."

In Canada, neo-Nazi "Proud Boys" target Native Canadians. Group denies its Nazi underpinnings.
Sikh MP accused of sexual harassment. Darshan Kang is a Liberal who represents Calgary.
Pence received cold shouder in Colombia. Bogota to Pence: Don't let the plane door hit you on your ass on your way out.
Ex-President Kirchner back as political force. Kirchner a contender in run-off election for Senate seat.
Latin American leaders condemn Trump's threat of force against Venezuela. Former Argentine ambassador in Caracas calls Trump a "miser."
One-third of Bavarians want out of Germany and EU. Bayexit referendum demanded.
Man who drove car into French pizzeria was likely on drugs. But that didn't stop Islamophobes like Alex Jones from claiming it was a Muslim attack. And a pizzeria at that! Child sex torture chambers in the basement! Mon dieu!
SNP hits out at proposed temporary customs union between UK and EU. Tories looking at "EU-lite" membership.
Confederate flag spotted in Irish stadium during hurling semi-final. Crowd not happy about it.
Wales joins Scotland in opposing Brexit. Brexit is resulting in strong demand for Scottish and Welsh independence.

Netanyahu government rather silent on Charlottesville. That's because they are every bit as Nazi as Trump and his supporters.

Saudi Arabia threatens to blow up a Qatar Airways passenger plane. They had plenty of practice helping to destroy passenger planes on 9/11. Time for Riyadh and Jeddah to be turned into glass salad bowls.

Lebanon receives 8 Bradley fighting vehicles. First in a major US military shipment.

Iran threatens to quit nuclear agreement over Trump's sanctions. Trump and his Likud son-in-law Kushner want to get their war on.

Abu Dhabi royal among those injured in UAE chopper crash in Yemen. UAE blames "technical failure." More like good aiming by the Yemeni resistance forces.

Portraits of UAE royals at Yemeni military camp spark outrage among Yemenis. The UAE is now a colonizer.

Indian and Chinese troops clash at Pagong Lake in Ladakh. Two nations are BRICS and SCO partners.
India denies China is building a bridge in "no man's land" in Ladakh. War rumors running high.
China and India vie for influence in Nepal. Plans underway for a Kathmandu-Lhasa railway.
China attempts to spur on a more independent foreign policy by Bhutan. Beijing hopes Thimphu distances itself from Delhi.
Laos withdraws troops from border area after Cambodia threatens military action. Without U.S. diplomatic leadership, dormant border disputes everywhere are heating up.
South Africa to boycott Africa-Israel summit in Togo. Joins Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Mauritania.
Dalai Lama cancels Botswana visit. Strong Chinese pressure exerted on Gaborone.
In Ivory Coast, there is a battle of the beers. A worthy fight, indeed.
Australia signs security pact with Solomon Islands. Agreement turns Solomons into a de facto colony. Australia is on a neo-colonial march: first, Norfolk Island, second, the Solomons, next ???
Growing rift between Australia and New Zealand over Jones's citizenship status. Australian Foreign Minister attacks New Zealand Labor Party.
NZ confirms Australian Deputy PM Barnaby Jones is a dual Aussie-Kiwi citizen. Australian law bars Jones from serving in office.
NZ Post accused of secretly recording conversations between mail deliverers and homeowners. FIVE EYES in action.
Nunavut Alaska Constitutional Convention meets. 56 Yukon-Kuskokwim tribal villages prepare for autonomy.
NASA's laser system in Svalbard represents more militarization of the territory that by treaty is to be military free. Laser designed to track orbiting satellites.
Designer of NASA's space maps to Earth regrets move. Says they could pinpoint Earth to alien invaders.
TRAPPIST-1 twice as old as our solar system. Chances for evolved life, therefore, increases.
  • SLAY THE BEAST (THE DAILY BEAST, THAT IS). The Daily Beast and its "reporters" and editors are sheer crap.
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