Obama/CIA vs. Latin America

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Obama's stealth warfare in Latin America increases. Incidentally, our reports on the covert operations of America's "El Gringo Negro" have hit a nerve with Obama's intelligence groupies, aka Cass Sunstein's sock puppets, so these reports shall remain and be expanded:
  1. Colombia's Zuluaga received signals intelligence from U.S. Southern Command in Miami. Glenn Greenwald better hope to hell Colombia isn't the target country of NSA's MYSTIC program and that "Country X" is actually Afghanistan. In that he censored his latest "report," by not naming Colombia, if that is the mysterious "Country X," he would have played into the hands of the current CIA and NSA election tampering in that nation. But he already knows that.
  2. Costa Rican president demands answers from U.S. on ZunZuneo caper. President Solis won't get them from Obama.
  3. Right-wing Colombian presidential candidate accused of spying on government-FARC talks. Oscar Ivan Zuluaga is backed by Zionist lickspittle Alvaro Uribe and the Obama administration.
  4. Guatemala Congress right-wingers pass resolution denying the 36-year genocide. The genocide was engineered by the CIA and Israel.
  5. Cuba arrests 4 Miami-based gusano terrorists planning attacks in Cuba. Let's hope they hang like all American "El Qaeda" terrorists should.
  6. As bodyguard for Maduro is assassinated, Venezuela and new Panamanian president agree to restore relations.
  7. Uribe and Fox involved in U.S. destabilization efforts against Venezuela. Alvaro Uribe and Vicente Fox are neocon puppets of the worst kind.
  8. Western-funded street action in Venezuela aimed at restoring oligarchs to power. It's the CIA template.
  9. Wanted former pro-U.S. president of El Salvador missing. Francisco Flores, responsible for "dollarizing" the colon, believed to have fled to Guatemala, possibly with CIA help.
  10. USAID official in Guyana expelled as a U.S. intelligence agent operating  under USAID cover. USAID agent Glen Bradbury, a Canadian, ran Leadership and Democracy Project, which is aimed at overthrowing President Donald Ramotar. Obama must be getting lessons from Kissinger.
  11. USAID ZunZuneo operations in Costa Rica, Cayman Islands, and Spain aimed at creating "smart mobs" in Cuba to protest against Cuban government. This template is used around the world. USAID is and always has been a CIA front.
  12. Longtime Chavez ally and former head of Venezuelan intelligence assassinated in Caracas. More CIA handiwork.
  13. U.S. entraps son of Suriname's President Desi Bouterse. Bouterse was targeted by Obama's Mama Stanley on behalf of her CIA employers in the 80s. Obama's war against Bouterse is mafia-like score-settling. U.S. ambassador Jay Anania is another CIA interventionist envoy who Bouterse has threatened to expel from Paramaribo.
  14. Bolivia's Morales says U.S. backs Venezuelan civil war for the country's oil. Well, we've never done that before, now, have we?
  15. U.S. carries out spying on Cuba from Costa Rican soil. Costa Rica demands explanation. Obama doesn't need to give you no stinking explanation! He is caudillo!
  16. Ecuador kicking out USAID and U.S. military group for destabilizing the country.
  17. American citizen and likely CIA agent Todd Michael Leininger arrested in western Venezuela with arms cache.
  18. U.S. Air Force Air Combat Command lost plane in Colombia after it "hit a hill."
  19. Three U.S. Army SIGINTers killed by "falling tree branch" in Guatemala "Beyond the Horizons" exercise.
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