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  • Obama commutes sentences of 42 drug dealers. But Alabama's white former Democratic governor remains in prison on trumped-up Bush administration charges. Way to go Barry. Release all the pushers from the hood but screw the white governor. Who'sthe  racist now?
If being a columnist and a military veteran is all it takes to be president, this editor will gladly throw his hat into the ring. And I don't have a wife who is Sarah Palin's ghost writer.
  • Al Qaeda ally visited Washington. Ahrar al Sham's "foreign minister" is honored guest of Obama administration. Meanwhile, the group massacred 19 Alawites in Zara, Syria.
  • Gary Welsh obituary. Hopefully, WMR members in the Terre Haute area can make it to the May 5 service.
  • US Navy took aggressive action against 13 countries. Countries targeted were China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Libya, Malaysia, the Maldives, Oman, the Philippines, and Vietnam. Give Ashton Carter a game of "Battleship" to carry out his war fantasies. Carter is a Philly Main Line screwball.

  • Man arrested for overdue videotape rental. Concord, North Carolina police charge him with failure to return rental property -- a movie so bad, it received a zero rating from Roger Ebert. Video rental store no longer in business. Good use of taxpayers' money. But consider the state.
  • Soros disruption, American-style. Soros turns his rent-a-riot crowds loose on American streets and highways to target Trump. Someone needs to turn the dogs loose, North Korea-style, on Soros.
  • Cruz campaign ad features porn star. Amy Lindsay starred in such epics as Erotic Confessions, Carnal Wishes, Secrets of a Chambermaid, and Insatiable Desires. Way to go Mr. Evangelical Christian!

Alice C. Wainwright Park on Miami's Biscayne Bay. It's where an 18-year old Marco Rubio reportedly cruised at night with his friend, a guy who later leased out a space for the production of gay porn films. Marco and his pal cruised the park looking for money from old men in return for blow jobs. On one occasion the two teens were arrested. Yes, Marco, you're real presidential material!
  • Supreme Court tosses Siegelman's appeal. And Obama's Justice Department argued against the appeal. There's a strong suspicion that Obama wouldn't lift a finger to help a railroaded white former Democratic governor of Alabama because of some sort of reverse racist payback for George Wallace, Jim Folsom, and other segregationist Democratic governors.
  • PC police out to get Philly's Mummers Parade. Caitlyn Jenner sign in comic club draws "poutrage." Trump is right about political correctness run amok. Satire has always been a part of the Mummers Parade. The Wheaties to Fruit Loops [sorry, that's how I remember the cereal's spelling from my own past] sign is hilarious. If the PC police don't like it, they can stay home and watch Richard Simmons videos. More "Pithy Commentary" is needed in the Mummers Parade, not less.
  • Cape Breton Island takes in more Syrian migrants. Just so long as these families don't start inviting single male relatives to visit and they end up staying to organize into Salafist cells. There should be a religious litmus test imposed on migrants: Wahhabists, Muslim Brotherhood, and Salafists are not welcome.

  • 6-year old boy on Air Canada's "no-fly" list. Air Canada has done this to other Canadians with Muslim-sounding names. How many Israeli security consultants are working for Air Canada? That's the question that should be asked.

  • Rousseff impeached by Senate. Washington-controlled crook Michel Temer assumes presidency. Obama's Latin American imperialism shows its ugly face once again and Temer will show his CIA puppet strings at the Rio Oympics.
  • Venezuela stricken by drought. Is the Pentagon playing "weather war" to force Maduro out of office? They played Fort Detrick cancer weapon war to kill Chavez.    

  • Socialist mayor of La Ceiba, Venezuela assassinated. Meanwhile, fascist-controlled National Assembly wants to give amnesty to CIA assasins like those who killed the mayor. The sooner John Brennan dies from a slow painful cancerous death, the better the world will be.
  • Rousseff warns of putsch ahead of impeachment vote. The similarities of the Brazilian impeachment ploy to the CIA coup in Paraguay and the presidential recall attempt in Venezuela are uncanny. These are coups by lawyers instead of generals and it smells of "Mr. Constitutional lawyer" Barry Obama.
  • Argentine Catholic Church to release Dirty War files. Decision comes after Obama White House announcement that it will do the same with its Dirty War classified files. Hopefully, some shred of evidence will come out that will put the baby-blood drinking viper Henry Kissinger in prison for the rest of his hopefully short life.
  • Morales presidential term extension defeated. It's an all-too-typical Soros-engineered 51-49 result as seen all over the world. Soros is the supreme election manipulator who needs to disappear permanently from the world stage.

  • Fascist Macri government fires popular radio personality. Fascists also training their sights on the Grandmothers of the Plaza. Obama, "El Gringo Negro" fascist of North America, congratulated Macri on his electoral victory. No similar phone calls were ever made to Chavez, Maduro, Correa, or Morales.
  • Brazilian evangelical senator acts as Israel's pawn. The truth be told, the Christian evangelical movement is now a Mossad and Israel Lobby operation. Christian evangelicals like Sen. Marcelo Crivella are Mossad tools and should be ridiculed and, by no means, be granted security clearances.


  • Second Zurich Insurance executive commits suicide. Suicide of ex-CEO Martin Senn follows by three years that of CFO Pierre Wauthier. Zurich had to pay huge 9/11 claim to WTC lessee Larry Silverstein. Suicides, sure they were. Suicides by Mossad.

  • 20,000 ISIL uniforms discovred in Spain. The Saudi royals have huge estates in Spain. They are the source for these uniforms. The Saudi royals are in need of the "Romanov treatment" -- line them up and take them out.

  • Leaked transcript shows that IMF prepared to bail on Greek bailout. Tsipras government aided and abetted bankers. Want a true leftist government in Greece that will hang the bankers by their own entrails and send the migrants back to Syria? Vote KKE -- the Greek Communist Party. Soros-owned substitutes like Tsipras are not leftists.

  • London man arrested for sending the following tweet: The tweet read: "I confronted a Muslim woman yesterday in Croydon. I asked her to explain Brussels. She said 'Nothing to do with me'. A mealy mouthed reply." Charge: Inciting racial hatred. How about tweeting this (if someone complains, tell them to respect Irish culture and the cherished limerick):

  • Umberto Eco dead at 84. In 2000, this editor had the pleasure of meetinh and having lunch with Umberto in Venice. After several bottles of Pinot Grigio were dutifully emptied, Umberto invited me to visit him in Bologna. When asked for his business card, he replied, "Just send a letter to me in Bologna, it will get to me." RIP Umberto.

  • Kerry wants UK to stay in EU. The State Department is a major status quo enthusiast and that's why it's a bloated and worthless do-nothing department.
  • Tories plan to slash number of MPs from 650 to 600. The move will eliminate representation for the Orkneys, Shetlands, Na h-Eileanan an Iar, and the Isle of Wight. Good, it will hasten separatist movements in the isles and help bring about the final end of the United Kingdom, a travesty whose time has long passed.

  • Russia bans visas for five U.S. torture directors. The war criminals are former US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, former Deputy Minister of Defense for Political Affairs, Douglas Feith, former CIA General Counsel John Rizzo, former Deputy US Attorney General Jay Bybee, and former General Legal Counsel of the US Department of Defense William Haynes. All five should actually receive the death penalty for their war crimes.

  • Khodorkovsky plans revolution against Putin. Khodorkovsky's "Open Russia" = Soros's "Open Society." Soros lied when he said he wanted Putin's Russia as part of European system. Khodorkovsky and Soros are corrupt twins, oligarchical brothers, whom the world needs to rid itself of.
  • Syrian migrant teens assualt woman on Belgian train. This migrant crisis was all courtesy of Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton (with sweet nothings from Muslim Brotherhood supporter Huma Abedin), and Victoria Nuland. Some glass ceilings should remain intact.
  • German leisure center bans migrants after German teen girls assaulted by male Syrian teens in pool. So, it's not just single males who need to be ejected from Europe but families with male teen children also. Note: we will not stop calling these Muslim hoodlums for what they really are: animals, monkeys, dingoes, hyenas, scum of the earth. WMR is preparing to make an endorsement, albeit a reluctant one, in the US presidential race and it will not be a Democrat as it was in 2008 [Obama].
  • Komi Republic burning Soros publications. These aren't "books," these are unread and useless propaganda tracts and are of much better use in fireplaces in the frigid republic than in taking up space in libraries.
  • Russia to provide S-300 missile defense system to Serbia. Russia is protecting its fellow Orthodox Christians from the Middle East to the Balkans. America and its jihadist president and CIA director are protecting Muslims in Turkey, Kosovo, and Albania. Whose side are you on Mr. and Ms. American soldier, sailor, airman, Marine, and Coast Guardsman?
  • UKIP leader Nigel Farage's car tampered with. Volvo's wheel lug loosened in assassination attempt. Car sabotage killed Princess Grace of Monaco (FWIW, this editor's third cousin), Princess Diana, Alexander Dubcek, and Amnesty International head Anette Fischer. Car sabotage is the tell-tale sign of an MI-6 operation.

  • Obama snubbed by Saudi royals on arrival in Riyadh. If the U.S. had a president with a pair, he would've immediately gone back up the stairs into Air Force One and ordered "wheels up" out of that sand box. How about a "Democratic Republic of Arabia" flying this flag of the former Hejaz and Nejd instead of the green version of the ISIL flag with a head-cutting sword on it?

  • Former Mossad chief Halevy admits that he broke the law many times during his work for Mossad. Said he "studied law and graduated with honors in order to allow him to break the law when necessary." Halevy was director of Mossad before, on, and after 9/11! Halevy said he could not state when and where he broke the law because he'd spend the rest of his life in prison. The Israeli art student spy ring, Urban Moving Systems and the "dancing Israelis," Mossad mall kiosks, all happened during Halevy's directorship of Mossad.
  • Erdogan seizes control of Cihan News Agency. If it weren't for the fact that America has Salafist sympathizers in the Oval Office and on the seventh floor at Langley, Erdogan would've woken up to Turkish tanks at his 1000-room palace a long time ago.
  • Turkey exchanging migrants with Europe. There should be no exchange. Europe should forcibly park all the migrant reprobates in Turkey and if the Turks refuse, commence bombing of Ankara. If NATO can firebomb Belgrade, it can surely obliterate Ankara and spare the Angora cats at the same time.
  • Saudis move jets to Turkey to fight in Syria. Saudi Arabia is a Wahhabist Trojan horse in Turkey and Turkey is a Saudi Trojan horse in Europe. Europe must kick out all Saudis, Turkish Salafist sympathizers, and Wahhabists. Where is Europe's Trump?
  • UAE names Happiness Minister. The victims of Abu Dhabi's Colombian mercenaries in Yemen and those victims of UAE-financed ISIL jihadis in Syria and Iraq are so "happy."
  • Erdogan draws line in the sand over U.S. support for Syrian Kurds. Erdogan outs himself as the main supporter of ISIL jihadis in Syria. If the Turkish military ever had to make a move on the Ankara presidential palace, the time is now. Turkey has one problem in dealing with Rojava Kurdistan: it now has an "embassy" in Moscow (Putin checkmates Erdogan and his pal Obama again):
  • Joe Biden tries to remain relevant on Syria. The self-professed Zionist wants to team with Turkey to "solve" Syrian problem. The Turks know all about Biden's past in Wilmington and it doesn't differ much from Turkey's GOP agent-of-influence, Denny Hastert.
  • Netanyahu calls Saudi Arabia an ally of Israel. Of course, and they've been allies for many years as seen with their joint operation to carry out 9/11. Netanyahu just spilled the beans. It's all in The Star and The Sword at the WMR bookstore (right) ------------------->
  • Three Americans kidnapped in Baghdad from brothel. If ISIL ever needs to find a few Americans to take hostage: rule number one, check all the whorehouses. For the sake of these Americans, hopefully it is the Shi'as who have taken them and not ISIL.
  • IKEA faces Jewish boycott in Israel. Let's all shop at IKEA to negate this Hebrew-Yiddish tantrum over Sweden. And keep boycotting anything made in Israel, including most commercial hummus products.
  • Salafism creeps into Turkey. Islamic religious body rules that engaged couples should not hold hands. Remember, Erdogan is Obama's closest ally and confidante in the Middle East,

  • Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan ties frayed. It's a certainty that the U.S. and Soros are exacerbating these tensions because the Eurasian Economic Union is a target of the US as much as is the BRICS alliance.
  • Obama ends U.S. arms embargo on Vietnam. U.S. weapons to flow back to Vietnam. That's one helluva legacy you're leaving Barky. U.S. weapons return to Vietnam (do they want advisers with those?) Obama: the disgrace with a black face.
  • China bans reality TV shows. The U.S. should do the same with such mind rotting, time wasting TV trash. China, once again, showing the way.
  • 30 Korean dogs rescued from a Korean meat farm. Why didn't the TPP outlaw such places that produce meat from human's best friends? Perhaps a President Trump will tell the Koreans, eat dogs, no free trade deals for you and political correctness and ethnic sensitivities be damned.

Photo: Robert Finnegan, 5th Estate, Jakarta.
Photo: Robert Finnegan, 5th Estate, Jakarta.

    • Malaysian 370 possibly hit by US Tomahawk missile to prevent an aerial terrorist attack on Reunion. Link not available:
      • 4/12/2015 Russian TV show says Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was hit by US missile

      Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing may have been hit by an American Tomahawk missile to prevent co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid from carrying out a terrorist attack in Reunion Island, an overseas department of France, Andrey Karaulov alleged in the 14 December edition of his "Moment Istiny" weekly programme on the St Petersburg-based national Channel Five.

      Fariq Abdul Hamid, who was Muslim by religion, may have wanted to take revenge for cartoons about Prophet Muhammad that were published by the French magazine Charlie Hebdo, Karaulov explained.

      There is indeed a US military base in the Indian Ocean that has Patriot missiles, historian and military expert Aleksandr Shirokorad said.

      "The theory of an attack from the French overseas department is quite convincing," Shirokorad noted.

      "This is the only plausible explanation," Karaulov's guest Mikhail Delyagin agreed.

      According to Karaulov, on 8 March 2014, when the Boeing! 777 disappeared, the publisher and the editor in chief were on vacation in Reunion. The co-pilot directed the aircraft there because it did not have enough fuel to fly to Paris, he deduced.

      The USA have satellites that monitor the Indian Ocean, so they could have detected the stray airliner even with its communication systems turned off. "They realized that it was a terrorist threat" and decided to down it with a missile, Karaulov said.

      Even if we ask the Pentagon head whether they shot the Boeing down, he will give an evasive answer and "tell us to call tomorrow", because if truth comes out, he will be held accountable, Karaulov added. "When I called the Berkshire sheriff [sic!] and asked him whether it was indeed the body of Berezovskiy that you handled, he told me to call again tomorrow," Karaulov said, slightly diverting from the main topic of the programme. He explained that he did not believe exiled Russian tycoon Boris Berezovskiy had committed suicide b! ecause the latter had loved his mother very much.

    • Source: TRK Peterburg Channel Five TV, St Petersburg, in Russian 2015 gmt 14 Dec 15
  • Sudan's Hassan al Turabi dies at 84. He tried to tell the U.S. that Bin Laden and Sudan played a significant role in 1993 WTC bombing but was ignored by Clinton administration. Reason: Bin Laden was still on CIA's payroll in 1993! The New York Times gets it wrong, Turabi was never a supporter of Bin Laden. That role fell to the CIA in the 90s.
  • U.S. Western Global Airlines MD-11 seized at Harare International Airport. A dead body and millions of South African rands on board. Plane was en route from Germany to South Africa. The CIA is getting sloppy in its attempt to oust South African President Jacob Zuma. Africa can ill-afford another actual African-American president like Obama of the Luo tribe of Kenya.
  • Illegal ivory trade continues in Africa. It's controlled by a powerful few but AFP doesn't mention who they are. Look just to the northeast of Africa, merely beyond the Sinai peninsula, for the middlemen.
  • Bombs goes off in Benin City. IED explosion appears to fit a pattern in West Africa: Bamako, Ouagadougou, and now Benin City. Terrorism for terrorism's sake to bolster US military presence on continent. Gladio in Africa.
  • Zanzibar to re-run election. The government ignored the opposition's victory in October poll and will undoubtedly fix the next election.
  • Somalia bans Christmas. Where are you Bill O'Reilly? When Christmas is under attack by Wahhabists and Hasidic Jews, O'Reilly has to be quiet. After all, Fox News is owned by the Zionist Rupert Murdoch and the Saudi Wahhabist Prince Al-Taweel.

  • The real reason Australia annexed Norfolk Island. Canberra plans to make the island the next gulag for Asian immigrants after Manus Island closed and Nauru turned into a debacle. When Hitler established concentration camps, he weas called a maniac. When Australia does it, it's just "policy."
  • Migrant rebellion in Nauru. Nauru could become an Islamist terrorist outpost in the Pacific Ocean.                   
  • Turnbull gets Pacific Command propaganda briefing on China at Pearl Harbor stopover. Note to US Pacific Command Admiral Harry Harris: you're out of fucking uniform sailor! When you're outside, you have your cover on the top of your head!
  • Malcolm Turnbull and Admiral Harry Harris
  • "Outdoors, personnel remain covered at all times unless ordered to uncover, or during religious services not associated with a military ceremony." A photo op with the Australian PM is not a religious ceremony! But what else can one expect from our wonderful (and much-overrated) Naval Academy?
  • The Cape Denison death march. 150,000 Adelie penguins die of starvation trying to trek to the sea because of collapsed ice shelf. The Japs aren't responsible for this death march , however, they're busy slaughtering whales in the same waters.
  • Arecibo picks up repeat fast radio bursts. During the Cold War, both sides used these fast bursts to mask the locations of the transmitters. We better hope that any receivers of these bursts aren't heading in our direction.

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